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This is the web site for me, John Gosink.   I’m a bioinformaticist who went “on sabbatical” to get an MS in statistics through Texas A&M.  Some friends, colleagues and acquaintances think I’m crazy as I already have a PhD (microbiology) and have been working in industry doing data analysis since 1998.  Other friends, colleagues and acquaintances think what I’m doing is awesome:  I can work from home, my fellow office workers are my wife and our 3 cats, and I’m learning a heck of a lot.  In the end, though, I’ll really only know if it was a good idea in 20+ years if I look back and decide for myself that it was a good idea.   More immediately it is a good idea because it was one that I had to think hard about and engage in countless conversations with others.

Anyway, this site is one of many little projects that I’ve started while on my sabbatical.   It’s very much a work in early production, limited primarily by how much Stats homework I have.

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