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Highly motivated biostatistician and bioinformatics scientist with more than 25 years of academic and professional experience in genomics, flow cytometry data analysis, microarrays, and assay development and qualification.

The following may look like key word soup, but is are actually techniques and skills with which I have months to years worth of experience.

Specialties: Bioinformatics/computational biology, statistics, genomics, expression analysis, microbiology (bacteriology and virology) and molecular biology.

Programming languages and environments:  R, SAS, Java, Perl, SPLUS, Unix shell scripting, HTML, Pascal, BASIC, Fortran 77, machine and assembly language.  Experience with object oriented (OO) analysis and design and UML.  Data storage and structure knowledge in SQL (Oracle, Sybase), XML, MS-Access, GFF and general data serialization.  Knitr, Sweave and Markdown for reproducible research.

Bioinformatics tools and techniques:  Resolver, Ingenuity Systems, Spotfire, I-Miner, Nautilus LIMS.  NCBI-Entrez, Unigene, Pfam, Kegg, LocusLink, GenBank, SwissProt, etc.  BLAT, BioStrings (BioConductor), FASTA, BLAST (many flavors), HMMER,  SIM4, ClustalW, Jalview, BoxShade, MEGA.  FlowJo (also wrote and published an accompanying Bioconductor library), fastDNAml, Phylip, PAUP, MacClade, RDP, Ensemble and UCSC Genome Browsers.

Statistics and machine learning: Simple and multivariate regression, variable selection, generalized linear models, mixed models, logistic regression, survival analysis, Bayesian inference, design of experiments, categorical data analysis.  Naive Bayes machines, classification and regression trees, feature extraction, graph theory, K-means, cluster analysis, and PCA.

Translational research:  Pharmacodynamic and patient stratification biomarker assay development, qualification and selection.  Writing and implementing supplementary statistical analysis plans.  Cross functional  bioinformatics support in Phase 1 & 2 oncology and inflammation clinical trials.

Bench research areas and techniques:  HIV, SIV, general molecular biology (cloning, expression, tissue culture, ELISA, Northerns etc), microbial ecology and systematics, taxonomy, field research, HPLC, GC, Drosophila culture.

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